China OEM Popular Portable CHINAMFG Foldable Display Promotion Counter Table vacuum pump engine

Product Description

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Professional Production of Advertising Portable Equipment

Promotion Table&Poster Stand&Banner Stand&Booth CHINAMFG Equipment

DianZi Advertising manufacture can product different advertising: Printing Serive | Flag series | Outdoor banner| Sticker & Decals| Tradeshow EXIBITION DISPLAY SERIES | Apparel & Accessories ets,which is widely used and popular all over the world.

1.Do Customed
Welcome to make Customed,
All sizes, styles and materials can be perfectly customized to achieve the best results for your products.

2.Quality & Price
Better Quality with Best Price
More Quantity ,Less Price

3.Safe Package
The promotion desk is packed with carrying bag and carton box outside.
Anti-collision foam can be installed in the packing box to perfectly protect the goods from damage .
Packing can be selected according to customer requirements,simple packaging, also have high-grade hard packaging. 

4. Widely Used

The promotion table is widely used for Exhibition, Advertising, Tradeshow, Meeting, Supermarket promotions.
Don’t worry about being left unused.

5.Amazing Sense
Waterproof, sunscreen, no leg color, no pollution, washable.
High definition, vivid design, bright color, color uniformity, eye-catching, strong visual.
It’s easy for people to discover your existence.

The installation is simple, we can provide you with installation guidance service.
Easy to carry and save, and can be reused for a long time.


Promotion Table
Material ABS,PP,Iron,Aluminum+backing Board or your custom
Board Material  KT-Board,Foam Board,ABS Board Etc.
Size 85*182.4cm,customizd
Graphic Size 182.4*85/77*28cm,customizd

Color & Logo

Custom Made
Package Option Wooden case, carton case, honeycomb case, flight case package.
OEM Custom logo and color
Sample time 4-5 days for OEM samples
Delivery time 10-35 days
Port HangZhou,China
Place of Origin China
Remark All trademarks shown here are for reference purposes only. They are the property of their respective owners, and we are not authorized to sell items bearing such trademarks

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Dianzi Advertising Group Co., Ltd,located in HangZhou, with convenient transportation. We has been in the advertising industry for 15 years. It currently has 1 overseas company and 2 industry subsidiaries (DIANZI CHINAMFG PRINTING&SIGN MANUFACTURE CO.,LTD , HangZhou Dianzi City Package & Printing Co., Ltd. ), HangZhou Dianzi CHINAMFG Co., Ltd.

The company introduced advanced equipment from home and abroad to form a professional production plant integrating cutting, laser cutting, printing, spray printing, welding, spray painting, silk screen printing, assembly, etc., with: laser cutting machine, grooving machine, hydraulic bending machine, Flatbed UV printers, integrated punching machines, word bending machines, engraving machines, plasma cutting punching machines, laser welding machines, inkjet printers, photo machines, laminating machines, blister machines, polishing machines, wire drawing machines, plate making machines Machines, air compressors, constant temperature ovens, painting workshops, baking workshops, cutting machine plotters, polishing machines, pipe benders and other advanced equipment.

The company mainly produces: printing inkjet, portable advertising equipment display rack series (roll-up series, pull screen series, X display rack series, promotional table series, lottery machine series, fast curtain show), chess products (color flags, beach flags, water injection Flags, A-screen display racks, banners, banners, logo flags), display racks, display racks, poster stands, shelves, packaging and printing. Signboard series, advertising signs, LED light boxes, display equipment, emergency signs, etc.

Product Certification:

1. Are you a direct printer or a trade company?
Starting from the Day One of our company in 2012, we have been a manufacturer focused on the printing business.

2.Do you have your own R&D team?  
Yes, we can customize products as your requirements.

3. What’s the workflow of proofing?
When we receive your files, we will first send you a 360 degree file check report to make sure file design is correct. We will then print out the ozalids and digital proofs for your to double check the content and color accuracy. Once all the above is confirmed, the bulk production begins.

4. Can I have a sample before placing the bulk order?
Free samples if in stock, only freight cost needs to be paid. However, if you need a customized sample, sample cost will be charged first and then deducted from the total value if you place the bulk order.

5. What shipping terms do you use?
By working with our very experienced logistics partner, we can accept many shipping terms as you like: EXW, FOB, CIF, DAP, DDP etc. Of course, the cost is different for different terms.

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Display Products: Unrestricted
Material: Metal Frame, PP, ABS
Display Place: Indoor
US$ 40/Piece
1 Piece(Min.Order)


Order Sample



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Shipping Cost:

Estimated freight per unit.

about shipping cost and estimated delivery time.
Payment Method:


Initial Payment

Full Payment
Currency: US$
Return&refunds: You can apply for a refund up to 30 days after receipt of the products.

oudoor furniture

What are the ideal sizes and shapes for aluminum tables in different settings?

Choosing the ideal size and shape for aluminum tables depends on the specific setting and intended use. Here is a detailed explanation:

1. Outdoor Dining Areas: In outdoor dining areas, rectangular and round-shaped aluminum tables are commonly used. Rectangular tables offer versatility and can accommodate larger groups, making them suitable for restaurants, cafes, or outdoor events. They provide ample space for dining and can be arranged in long rows or grouped together. Round tables, on the other hand, promote a more intimate dining experience and are suitable for smaller groups or couples. They encourage conversation and are often preferred in outdoor cafes or patio settings.

2. Picnic Areas and Parks: Picnic areas and parks often benefit from larger aluminum tables that can accommodate multiple families or groups. Rectangular tables are popular in these settings as they provide ample seating space and can accommodate picnic baskets, food, and beverages. Additionally, some picnic areas may have designated barbecue grills or cooking facilities, and larger rectangular tables can provide space for food preparation and serving.

3. Rooftop Terraces and Balconies: For rooftop terraces and balconies, smaller-sized aluminum tables are often preferred to optimize space utilization. Square or round tables are ideal for these settings as they can comfortably accommodate a few individuals or couples. The compact size allows for flexibility in arranging the furniture and creating cozy dining areas while maximizing the available space.

4. Poolside and Patio Areas: Poolside and patio areas typically require aluminum tables that are durable and resistant to moisture. Round or square tables are commonly used in these settings. Round tables can facilitate conversation and social interaction, while square tables offer a more structured and symmetrical arrangement. The size of the tables can vary depending on the available space and the number of people expected to use them.

5. Bar and Bistro Settings: Bar and bistro settings often feature tall or counter-height aluminum tables. These tables are designed to accommodate bar stools or high chairs, creating a casual and social atmosphere. Rectangular or square-shaped tables are commonly used, with sizes that allow for comfortable seating and the placement of drinks and appetizers.

6. Outdoor Lounges and Cafes: Outdoor lounges and cafes often employ a combination of different table sizes and shapes to create varied seating options. Along with rectangular and round tables, smaller coffee tables or side tables can be used to accompany lounge chairs or outdoor sofas. This arrangement provides flexibility for guests to enjoy a beverage or snack in a relaxed setting.

7. Event or Conference Spaces: In event or conference spaces, aluminum tables are typically used for seating arrangements, buffet setups, or display purposes. The size and shape of the tables depend on the specific requirements of the event. Rectangular tables are commonly used for banquet-style seating, while round tables encourage interaction and facilitate discussions among participants.

It is important to consider the available space, the number of people to be accommodated, and the desired seating arrangement when determining the ideal size and shape of aluminum tables. By understanding the specific setting and intended use, you can select tables that optimize functionality, promote comfort, and enhance the overall aesthetics of the environment.

oudoor furniture

Can I find child-friendly aluminum tables for family use?

Yes, you can find child-friendly aluminum tables that are suitable for family use. Here is a detailed explanation:

1. Durable Construction: Child-friendly aluminum tables are designed with durability in mind. Look for tables that are made from high-quality aluminum or aluminum alloy, which is lightweight yet strong. Ensure that the table has a sturdy construction that can withstand the active use and play of children.

2. Safety Features: Child-friendly aluminum tables often come with safety features to minimize the risk of accidents or injuries. Some tables have rounded edges and corners to prevent sharp edges that could potentially harm children. Look for tables with smooth surfaces and no exposed screws or bolts that children could catch their clothing on or get injured by.

3. Stability: Stability is crucial when considering a child-friendly aluminum table. Look for tables with a wide base or legs that provide a stable foundation. Tables with a lower center of gravity are less likely to tip over if children accidentally lean on them or apply pressure. Consider tables with non-slip feet or rubberized leg bottoms to prevent sliding on smooth surfaces.

4. Easy to Clean: Child-friendly aluminum tables should be easy to clean, as children can be messy. Look for tables with a smooth and non-porous surface that can be easily wiped clean with a damp cloth. Avoid tables with intricate designs or patterns that could trap dirt or food particles, making them more challenging to clean.

5. Adjustable Height: Some child-friendly aluminum tables come with adjustable height options, allowing you to customize the table to the appropriate height for your child. This feature ensures that the table is ergonomically suitable for children of different ages and sizes, promoting proper posture and comfort during activities.

6. Colorful and Fun Designs: Child-friendly aluminum tables often feature colorful and fun designs that appeal to children. Look for tables with vibrant colors or patterns that can liven up the play or dining area for your child. Some tables may even have graphics or characters that children find engaging and enjoyable.

7. Optional Features: Depending on your specific needs, you may find child-friendly aluminum tables with additional features. Some tables have built-in storage compartments where children can keep their toys or art supplies. Others may come with attached seating or benches designed specifically for children.

When searching for child-friendly aluminum tables, consider reputable brands or manufacturers that specialize in furniture for children or families. Read product descriptions, customer reviews, and safety certifications to ensure that the table meets safety standards and is suitable for family use.

By considering these factors, you can find child-friendly aluminum tables that provide a safe and enjoyable space for your children to engage in various activities such as eating, playing, drawing, or studying. These tables are designed to withstand the demands of family use while prioritizing the safety and comfort of children.

oudoor furniture

Can aluminum tables withstand exposure to the elements in outdoor spaces?

Yes, aluminum tables are well-suited to withstand exposure to the elements in outdoor spaces. Here is a detailed explanation:

1. Corrosion Resistance: One of the key advantages of aluminum tables is their excellent corrosion resistance. Aluminum naturally forms a protective oxide layer on its surface, which helps prevent rust and corrosion. This oxide layer acts as a barrier, shielding the underlying aluminum from moisture, rain, and other environmental factors. As a result, aluminum tables can withstand exposure to rain, humidity, and other outdoor elements without deteriorating or rusting.

2. Weather Resistance: Aluminum tables are designed to be weather-resistant. They can withstand a wide range of weather conditions, including sunlight, heat, cold, and temperature variations. Unlike some other materials that may warp, crack, or fade when exposed to extreme temperatures or sunlight, aluminum maintains its structural integrity and appearance over time. This makes aluminum tables suitable for use in various climates and outdoor environments.

3. UV Stability: Aluminum has good UV stability, meaning it can resist the harmful effects of ultraviolet (UV) rays from the sun. UV rays can cause fading, discoloration, and degradation of materials over time. However, aluminum tables are less susceptible to UV damage, allowing them to retain their color and overall appearance even with prolonged exposure to sunlight. This makes them a durable choice for outdoor spaces where they may be exposed to direct sunlight for extended periods.

4. Non-Reactivity: Aluminum is a non-reactive material, which means it does not easily react or interact with other substances or chemicals in the environment. This property is beneficial for outdoor tables, as they may come into contact with various substances such as water, cleaning agents, food, or beverages. Aluminum tables do not corrode or stain when exposed to these substances, making them easy to clean and maintain in outdoor settings.

5. Low Maintenance: Aluminum tables require minimal maintenance when used in outdoor spaces. Unlike materials like wood, which may need regular sealing or staining to protect them from the elements, aluminum tables typically only require basic cleaning to remove dirt or debris. The inherent durability and resistance of aluminum make it a low-maintenance option for outdoor furniture.

6. Longevity: Aluminum tables have a long lifespan when properly cared for. With their resistance to corrosion, weather, and UV damage, aluminum tables can maintain their functionality and appearance for many years. This durability and longevity make them a cost-effective investment for outdoor spaces, as they can withstand the rigors of outdoor use and provide long-lasting performance.

It’s important to note that while aluminum tables are highly resistant to the elements, their overall durability can also depend on factors such as the quality of construction, finishes, and maintenance practices. It is advisable to follow manufacturer guidelines for care and maintenance to maximize the lifespan and performance of aluminum tables in outdoor spaces.

In summary, aluminum tables are well-equipped to withstand exposure to the elements in outdoor spaces. Their corrosion resistance, weather resistance, UV stability, non-reactivity, low maintenance requirements, and longevity make them a reliable and durable choice for outdoor furniture.

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