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Fire Pit Propane Gas Fire Pit Table Rectangular Tabletop Set

The outdoor propane fire pit table with integrated piezoelectric ignition device provides warmth and atmosphere, which is suitable for conversation and dining all year round. The fire pit built with galvanized fire basin and aluminum alloy base is very stable and can be used for a long time. Equipped with free blue fireproof glass, it can highlight the flame at night and add style and elegance to your backyard. It is the perfect outdoor center to enjoy with family and friends.

This outdoor  fire pit table is supported by a lightweight aluminum alloy frame, paired with a unique rattan design, adding a natural and comfortable atmosphere to the outdoor space. The desktop is made of sturdy and durable aluminum alloy material, which has excellent weather resistance and is not easily corroded by outdoor environments, while ensuring a stable support structure The 0A% 0A table body adopts a woven PE rattan design, which not only has the texture of natural rattan, but also overcomes the disadvantages of natural rattan being easy to rot and difficult to clean. The weaving process of PE vine showcases a unique handcrafted beauty, adding a lot of color to outdoor spaces. The design of woven rattan also gives the stove table a lightweight appearance, making it more in line with the outdoor leisure atmosphere The design structure of the 0A% 0A table takes into account the usage needs of the stove, providing suitable placement space for the stove, and designing edges around the tabletop to prevent accidental contact with burning objects. The overall design of this outdoor stove table not only provides a heat source, but also serves as an ideal place for outdoor gatherings, allowing people to fully enjoy warm time outdoors.

Product Description


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